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Product archive is your shop for fishing tackle and fishing supplies

Anglers enjoy peace and quiet; they can sit for hours on the lake and wait until they have a fish on the hook . They enjoy looking at the floart and reaching for a cool beer from their fishing bag .

So you can enjoy peace and quiet while you are shopping, we also offer everything you need here for fishing and fishing supplies so you can be successful.

Angelshop is open 24 hours and offers you the opportunity to relax while getting all the information you need about your favourite hobby. Find out about the latest fishing rods andfishing reels. Be amazed by the variety and multitude of colours of artificial bait on the market.

Haven’t you always dreamed of catching a 10 kg of cod in the thunderous waters of the Skagerrak? Alone with nature and the fish, breathing the iodine-rich sea air with the salty taste of the sea spray on your lips. Here in the fishing tackle shop you can find everything you need to win the fight. The right fishing line that does not break, and the right fishing rod with high-performance reel.

Maybe you would prefer to lean back in your outdoor seat at the sea and relax at dusk under the light of the petroleum lantern resting on your tackle box. You are an expert in floats and sinkers and know a lot about bait pastes. And nothing gets to you. Except maybe the beauty of the stars reflecting on the surface of the lake on a balmy July night.

Regardless which fishing set-up you choose, you will always find the right tackle here. And now it’s up to you to accept the challenge - Go fishing and fight! Petri Heil

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