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Since its foundation in 1973, CORMORAN has developed from a “newcomer with innovative ideas” to the market leader in Germany.

Our strategy
In a market dominated by wholesalers, it has always been our strategy to focus on independent product development. We are able to create a decisive additional advantage for anglers through our individual positioning and product strategy. This is reflected in our clear commitment to a brand strategy coupled with decisiveness, flexibility and an innovative spirit. Another aspect is our international orientation, which is reflected in the early opening of relevant foreign markets.

We set the standard
CORMORAN has presented market-moving new products in recent years in almost all product groups.

Innovations in the rod and reel sector
In 1973, CORMORAN completely replaced customary wire/metal rings in Europe within one year with the introduction of Fuji rings. The “BLACK STAR” rod brand was introduced. It was the first short telescoping rod featuring black colouring and Fuji rings. The next ground-breaking step was the introduction of the first broad carbon-fibre rod series on the market - all under the “KUNNAN” brand name. This ushered in a whole new era. “ROTARY”. The first freerunner reel in the world. The concept used in the “ROTARY” was the basis for the first freerunner reel with integrated electronic bite indicator. CORMORAN ELBAS - still an absolute classic today.

Innovations in the fishing line sector
CORMORAN has also developed decisive innovations over the last 20 years in the line sector and has reshaped the market: CORTEST Super Match. With this line, CORMORAN broke the existing barrier for resistance by more than 20%. CORTEST Super Match was stronger than any monofilament line and has not been surpassed by any other monofilament line yet. CORASTRONG. An evolution in the area of fishing line started with the first braided spin line from Coramid (registered trademark of CORMORAN). CORASTRONG is synonymous with braided lines. CORTEST-UFS. The first invisible fishing line was introduced by CORMORAN. CORTEST-UFS (ultra fast sinking) made of fluoro-carbon still fascinates the fishing world today.

Innovations in the fishing hooks sector
CGS - Chemically sharpened tip. Another revolution from CORMORAN. Carbon steel hooks with chemically sharpened tips - ultra sharp and extremely durable thanks to a special new process. The CGS technology has allowed us to create entirely new hook shapes – nowadays everybody is familiar with “target fish hooks”.

Innovation in marketing and product development
Inspired by the ban on live bait fish, CORMORAN launched a lure series with lures that were deceptively similar to natural bait under its slogan “Bait fish is dead, long live bait fish”. This product line is currently known as “CORA Z” for success with artificial bait fishing.

CORMORAN fully represented as a brand
Not only product marketing, but also retail marketing has shaped the development of CORMORAN. Our goal is and was to create a win-win situation right from the start. We want to inspire both retailers and end users!

Consistently international orientation
CORMORAN is represented in almost all European countries – this is reflected in our corporate structure. Our own sales structures and branches in the respective countries show how sincerely we want to communicate and strengthen the CORMORAN brand internationally. CORMORAN’s international orientation has led it to promote the founding of the European association EFTTA and the European trade fair EFFTEX.

The motto “SUCCESS WITH TECHNOLOGY” illustrates the position CORMORAN has gained in the market in recent years. Brand awareness and recognition of CORMORAN as one of the most important fishing tackle developers and producers is steadily increasing. CORMORAN is clearly committed to its home market Germany. The international sales structures are largely controlled and supplied from Germany. Our national distributors and consumers benefit from an extremely comprehensive product range due to our presence in throughout Europe. The in-house R&D department works hand in hand with specialists who scrutinise every detail and perform a range of field tests. National and international titles impressively demonstrate the expertise of our partners in this field. Our established network facilitates smooth communication between use and development, which allows us to translate angling ideas into market-moving products.

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