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Any angler who has ever had the opportunity to call a Shimano product his own is ultimately indebted to a forward-looking pioneer named Shozaburo Shimano. In 1921, he declared: “I want Shimano products to be the best in Kansai (Osaka region), then the best in Japan, and ultimately the best in the world.” As with many cities in the area, people in Kansai also need a bicycle for daily travel to and from work and home. Shimano was initially interested in this market. Shimano has more than 90 years of experience in the production of bicycle components and brings this experience to other segments of the sports and leisure market. Since 1970, Shimano’s extensive product range has also included fishing reels. Rod production and accessories came later.

Our certification in different areas demonstrates our care for nature and natural resources. It is based on our corporate mission statement: “Encouraging health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.” The international Shimano team works according to this mission statement: be inspired, think creatively and strive for continuous improvement.

Our company philosophy includes elements that are very important to us: We strive to provide high-quality products and services that are reliable and trustworthy. We commit ourselves to continuously increasing the value of the company and to ensuring corporate governance that is worthy of the trust placed in us. We commit ourselves as a good company to preserving the environment and contributing to the prosperity of our community.”

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