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SPIDER. NOTHING GETS AWAY Precise, fine and strong, like a spider web, and perfection with optimal performance - that is what our SPIDER® products stand for. Cutting-edge production techniques guarantee the expert angler the finest lines with outstanding characteristics to meet any fishing challenge.

California-based Safariland, originally a security equipment manufacturer, introduced the SPIDER® brand in 1994. Working with high-tech synthetic fibres to create bullet-proof vests, Neale Perkins and Scott O’Brien discovered that spun polyethylene fibres were virtually made for a wide variety of products, including the production of extremely strong fishing lines. They explored and tested various options and braids, ultimately leading to today’s SPIDERWIRE®, which was the strongest, thinnest and most sensitive product they developed. SPIDERWIRE® has quickly become known in the fishing world thanks to its first-class products. For any ambitious angler, SPIDERWIRE® means having a significant advantage on his fishing reel.

Some milestones in the dramatic expansion of the SPIDER® brand include:
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